Steak, Seafood, And Chicken

If you behave the way you prepare chicken, you don't have to resort to dark meat like duck or other game because it's so much better than light meat. Let's take a look at some common chicken preparations and the best wines to complement them. Beyond the basics, we will discuss some techniques you can use to create a wine combination that matches the dish you want to prepare. You need a wine that complements the roast and marinade but does not overwhelm it, such as a fruity rose or a red wine. The creamy, smooth texture and glorious freshness make it the perfect candidate for a butter-fried chicken, as in this recipe for chicken and turkey. This really simple roast chicken with fried mushrooms and root vegetables is exactly what you think of when looking forward to the cold months. Take the same fried chicken and make a creamy sauce with the juices in the pan.


A lightly calibrated Chardonnay is a treat, but if the weather is warm and the chicken is seasoned with plenty of olive oil and lemon, you should definitely choose a non-calibrated Chardonnay. If the weather is cool and the chicken is seasoned with olive oil and fresh rosemary, I would choose a Counoise from Oregon. If you want to go with a Pinot, prepare it in a light and creamy sauce. Depending on the preference and preparation of the chicken, it can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on the temperature. It can also be combined with white wine, but I suggest combining it with Riesling and choosing a light and slightly spicy dish such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Champagne, rose or Lambrusco go well with fried chicken and can be a good choice depending on the taste of the sauce. When preparing the chicken, you can combine the wine with fresh herbs and spices such as basil, thyme, rosemary, basil leaves, garlic, oregano or even a little olive oil. On the sweet side, you should choose a wine that matches the sweetness of the sauce or is even sweeter, so look for a sparkling wine.

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Bold Flavors

Beaujolais or Chardonnay, I hope you have a game - a wine of the day that can compete with the bold flavors of your wings. A tasty and highly spiced chicken prevails over the spicy and spicy aromas of a wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Grilled lamb: A tasty beer that can be combined with lamb meat and corresponds to the intense taste of the lamb like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Try to cut through the richness of the fried chicken and combine it with a rich, rich and spicy wine such as Chardonnay or Bordeaux. If you are looking for a closer match, it might be helpful to think about how the lamb is prepared and how it is prepared. When it comes to choosing a wine for such dishes, one does not want to overload the delicate, fresh, almost sweet aromas, so a try with Friuli from Italian Friuli, which has a very sweet, earthy, spicy and slightly spicy taste, would be a great option. The pairings of chicken and wine are a little more complicated than you might think, as there are so many different ways to prepare them. There are as many variations as possible with different chicken and wine varieties. No matter what town you're in, it always seems to be a fried chicken within walking distance.

Chicken and Spices

Once the taste of the chicken is pronounced in the recipe, let it be your guide to the best wine to go with it. If you prefer red, try a lightly chilled Beaujolais with its sweetness to balance the spice; it is a good choice for a backyard barbecue because it matches the caramelized flavor of the food. There are also some warm spices, such as cumin and paprika, that also stand out, but there is much more. Chicken cooked on the grill and fried with tomato sauce is a good choice for a medium weight red that does not taste too rich. Grilled chicken with fruit sauce or a light and spicy tomato sauce with the right amount of salt and pepper. White meat goes very well with white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, but on the other hand, dark meats such as wings, thighs and legs tend to stand out. Grilled chicken has the smoky flavor, so make sure it's a full-bodied, fuller-bodied version of a white wine. However, there are so many variations in the bird even before you start to add the sauce.